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Leaders Invite others to New Possibilities

Enrollment: Leaders Invite others to New Possibilities

“Leaders are masters of enrollment. The art and science of inviting others to a new vision.”

“Enrollment means creating new possibilities for others so they are touched, moved and inspired by the new possibility.”

“Enrolling others INVITES them to become a more evolved version of themselves…in every moment of now, we CHOOSE AGAIN…consciously or unconsciously.”

And as we invite others to step forward, on a New Road, to a better version of themselves it is going to be a little uncomfortable. The secret is…not minding that change sometimes SEEMS a little uncomfortable. 🙂 (or a little “inconvenient.”)

Of course, we can’t “make” another feel uncomfortable, they create the feeling inside themselves…through their beliefs, stories, thoughts and fears…the trances they are in.

And, every trance is like a “hole” we fall into…and, we can never get a new hole by digging the same hole deeper.

A trance is a mental ‘program’ that narrows the focus of our attention around a key idea, image, belief, concept or judgment. It allows us to do something without thinking and also limits our possible choices in that area.

And a trance can be like a cocoon that we enter to safely evolve into the best version of ourselves. When we are ready, we emerge, take wing, and fly.

Our best hope then, before we leave all trances behind, is to create new trances (better versions of ourselves) that are aligned with our highest vision of who we truly are..

And, isn’t it nice to know that, beyond trances, there are only butterflies. J

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