Leadership Development

The Mindset of a Leader …may not be what you think it is.

Overwhelmed, stressed, burdened, feeling guilty…

What could be more important than the mindset of a leader, the way a leader thinks, reflects, and consciously engages with the realities of a business? It’s hard to imagine anything more critical than an effective leadership mindset in the face of this turbulent, ever-changing, chaotic world. Is it not?

But what is the reality of the mental landscape of most leaders? How about:

·     Overwhelm.

·     Stress.

·     A feeling of being burdened with impossible challenges.

·     And often, a sense of guilt that they are not doing more, in spite of working tirelessly on a treadmill of seemingly endless tasks.

 Does this seem familiar? I thought so. And this raises the question, “What can a leader do to function effectively, leading teams of similarly challenged people to achieve the mission of the business?”

Leadership Development

Leaders Invite others to New Possibilities

Enrollment: Leaders Invite others to New Possibilities

“Leaders are masters of enrollment. The art and science of inviting others to a new vision.”

“Enrollment means creating new possibilities for others so they are touched, moved and inspired by the new possibility.”

“Enrolling others INVITES them to become a more evolved version of themselves…in every moment of now, we CHOOSE AGAIN…consciously or unconsciously.”

And as we invite others to step forward, on a New Road, to a better version of themselves it is going to be a little uncomfortable. The secret is…not minding that change sometimes SEEMS a little uncomfortable. 🙂 (or a little “inconvenient.”)

Of course, we can’t “make” another feel uncomfortable, they create the feeling inside themselves…through their beliefs, stories, thoughts and fears…the trances they are in.

And, every trance is like a “hole” we fall into…and, we can never get a new hole by digging the same hole deeper.

Leadership Development

Discover the Real Source of Stress…and move beyond it.

In the Unstoppable Workshop, we begin with an amazing experience called “Inside and Outside the Box” created by my friend Jimbo Clark of Innogreat. It’s like an NLP 101 course, on steroids, and it is 100% hands-on. In the exercise, participants receive an actual cardboard box that fits over their heads, and decorate and eventually wear it. (As in the photo!)  

Leadership Development

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